Girl's shoes and boy's shoes

Whether for a girl or for a boy, the choice of shoes for your child is an important step regardless of age.

Trust the know-how of our family business to guide you and your child to the models that will best suit him.

Child shoes Garcon

Home Bellamythe boys are served!You will find on our site a selection of shoes boy for all ages and circumstances.Throughout the day, your child will obviously need shoes, but the use it will be quite different depending on the moment.

So you will find on our website models of child shoes for winter and summer, but also for indoors and outdoors.

Child shoes girl

Girls also have the embarrassment of choice at Bellamy.Many models shoes for girl have been developed by our team to meet their expectations and needs.Find the material, color and shape that will please your child.Winter boots, sandals for the summer, high sneakers for the whole year and slippers for the house, everything is there!

How to choose the shoes for your child?

Choosing good shoes for your child, whether for a girl or for a boy, is an important step.In their learning of walking stability and good foot retention is a determining factor.

At first you will have to select the right point corresponding to your child's feet.For this, nothing replaces the expertise and advice of a professional shoe.We therefore advise you to move to one of them with your child so that it directs you to the types of suitable shoes and the right size.

On our site, our shoe models are available from size 19 to size 41 to fit all foot sizes.

Whether it's in the learning phase of the walk or is already able to walk, your child must have shoes adapted to his morphology.Flexible and light models are preferred to avoid brakes in its movements.

You will find on our website more tips for choose the size of your child's shoes.

Bellamy, your child shoe specialist girl and boys

What is more natural than turning to an expert of the child shoe for your daughter or your boy?

Our company, with many years of expertise in the field of shoe for child and for baby, knows the important points in the design of a good pair of shoes.

Thus we offer a wide choice of models specially designed for the feet of your children by ensuring good foot retention, good durability and great comfort.

In addition to this, we have a heart to produce shoes that will please the smaller ones.This is why we develop various patterns and colors, but also different types of closures for all tastes (Velcro, zipper, buckle).

Whether it's for a pair of slippers, a pair of sneakers or for sandals, trust the know-how of Bellamy's teams for your choice child shoe.

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